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Sample Packaging

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Unit-of-Use Sample Packaging in Asbury Park, NJ

100 years ago, Gerhardt Mennen went door-to-door sampling talcum powder and now both large and small companies rely heavily on sampling promotion as an integral part of their marketing efforts. 

Our company is the largest supplier of unit-of-use sample packaging in Asbury Park, NJ, and the entire world. We offer a wide variety of packaging forms for liquids, semi-liquids, granular products, powders, tablets, and capsules. We design and produce much of the secondary packaging that accompanies samples such as sampler cards, display boxes, hanger cards, etc.

Fitness Product Sample Packaging - Asbury Park, NJ

Telmark Packaging Corporation's experience in unit-of-use packaging is unsurpassed. With over twenty-five years of expertise in single-use packaging, we have worked closely with most major corporations to produce comprehensive sampling promotions.

Telmark’s innovative designs have won awards, including the PEC award for “Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Promotional Packaging” for Estee Lauder's MAC Trio Sampling Regimen. We have been published in numerous trade journals as experts in sampling and unit-of-use packaging. In addition, Telmark is a regular speaker at the prestigious HBA show in New York City and has hosted the successful instructional seminar titled “Sampling in the New Millennium”.

See below for information on a few specific examples of sample packaging

Foil Pouches

Foil pouches (aka packettes or sachets)

Foil pouches are inexpensive, provide excellent barrier protection, allow for maximum graphics reproduction, are versatile and ease of use. Pouches are produced from high-barrier film materials that provide maximum shelf life. The graphics capabilities of pouches are extensive using processes capable of accurately reproducing the most complicated graphics.

A wide array of items can be packaged into pouches. Liquids and semi-liquids with viscosities from water to toothpaste can be filled in ranges between 1ml - 4 fl. ozs. And, pouches are also excellent for packaging powders, granular products, tablets, capsules, and soft gels, and spices & other food mixes.

Pouches can be die-cut to replicate the shape of primary containers, grouped by perforation, designed to hang from bottlenecks, incorporate retail hanger holes and have detachable coupon headers.

Unit-of-Use Packaging - Asbury Park, NJ


UniTube economically melds the best features of a foil pouch and a conventional squeeze tube. UniTube combines the barrier protection, graphics capabilities and low cost of a pouch with the directional-flow, ease-of-opening, and looks of a tube.

UniTubes incorporates the SmarTear™ opening system. No more struggling to open the package. Simply twist and pull and the package opens easily every time.

UniTube can also be made using recycled materials. Using our PaperPack laminate takes advantage of technological breakthroughs bringing materials that are more environmentally friendly.

Fragrance Vials & Sprayers

Fragrance Vials & Fragrance Sprayers

Fragrance vials have been a staple for sampling fine fragrances for decades. Recently, Fragrance Sprayers have been developed to provide the consumer with the complete application experience for spray colognes.

Telmark offers vials in sizes from 1ml to 2.5ml and sprayers in 1.5ml and 2ml sizes. The vial plugs and sprayer pumps can be produced in any PMS color and the containers silk-screen decorated, 1-color.

In many cases, the vials and sprayers are attached to sampler cards that best tell your marketing story. Telmark supplies the cards and affixes to the sampler card all in one operation.

UD Dispenser Packaging - Asbury Park, NJ

UD Dispenser Packaging

UD Dispensers provide excellent barrier protection, allow for pinpoint directional dispensing, are easy-to-open, look attractive and are extremely cost effective.

Made from .006” (6 mil.) high barrier plastic, these unique containers are compatible with most liquid products and provide a shelf life greater than many similar packages. These tube hybrids are available in package sizes from 0.25ml to 30ml (1 fluid ounce) and can be filled with products whose viscosity range from water to toothpaste.

UD dispenser packaging, available in clear and white or plastic, can be decorated on both sides with eye-popping hot stamp imprinting. The directional flow, accomplished with an orifice-reduced seal, allows for accurate and un-messy dispensing.

Tube Strips

Tube Strips

Tube Strips are injection-molded in sets of five tubes. They are molded from a mix of flexible low-density and medium-density polyethylene. Several stock molds are available in sizes to hold 1.5ml, 3ml, 5ml, 10ml. We provide economical 1-color front/back tampo-print or up to 7-color label decoration. We inventory tube blanks, print & label in-house, fill and secondary pack to ensure minimum lead times and maximum service.

Thermoformed Packaging - Asbury Park, NJ

Thermoformed Packaging

Thermoforms are attractive, economical, easy to open, tamper-evident and can be utilized to hold one product or a regimen of several different products. They provide an excellent medium for accurately replicating the shape of primary packages greatly increasing product recognition.

Thermoformed packaging is ideal for packaging personal care products (skin care, shampoo, conditioner, mouth wash, fragrance, bath gels, cosmetics, etc); liquid vitamins & food supplements; dental products; contact lens solutions; insect repellents; air fresheners; water softeners; potpourri refills; automotive supplies; glues & adhesives; laundry detergents; wax & polish; and even food.

Mini Tubes & Bottles - Sample Packaging from Asbury Park, NJ

Mini Tubes & Mini Bottles

Sample packaging that replicate the look of the primary packages are the ultimate support and enhancement for brand recognition. An independent 2-year survey has concluded that sample packaging that replicates primary packages promotes retail sales up to 40% more than other sampling methods.

Telmark offers several different styles of miniature tubes and bottles ranging in fill size from 2ml to 30ml (1 fl. oz.). We use high-speed fillers to provide our customers with a turnkey, finished sample.

In addition to samples, mini tubes and mini bottles are used in hair-care kits, skin care regimens, GWP’s, and anywhere else that small-fill packages are required. Mini’s are also substantial enough to be saleable.



Blow-Fill-Seal (BFS) is a unique process where the package is injection-molded and filled at the same time. The filling process is asceptic by design and even sterile, if required.

BFS packages incorporate easy opening twist-off-tops making them simple to use and senior-friendly. A variety of twist-off dispensing tips are available with  orifice openings that are adjustable to accommodate most product types. BFS packages are inherently tamper-evident and packages can be filled in connected strips (for regimen applications, multi-dosage).