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About Our Contract Manufacturing Company in Hoboken, NJ

As a contract manufacturing company in Hoboken, NJ, Telmark provides direct sales support to a large group of outstanding companies chosen as leaders in their specific areas. We primarily service the health and beauty, pharmaceutical, nutritional, and pet product industries. However, we are not a broker and instead offer competitive prices, which can often be lower than contacting the supplier directly.

Telmark has been in business for over two decades as a unique sales organization that has partnered with some of the country’s finest packaging and manufacturing companies. Together we act as a versatile cosmetics manufacturer offering unique packaging solutions. 

A Singular Solution

Why risk relying on a multitude of suppliers for your manufacturing project? At Telmark, we offer turnkey solutions to our clients, covering manufacturing, fulfillment, and product development, all under one price. When working on your cosmetic products, we will act as your partners, ensuring you a customized experience when you work with our team. So whether you need sample size packaging or you are looking to make customized products for your customers, turn to us for the support you need. Contact our offices in Hoboken, NJ, or Asbury Park, NJ, to learn more.