Telmark Packaging Corporation

About Us

Telmark - An End To End Contract Manufacturing Partner

The Telmark Packaging company has been an industry leader for nearly 30 years when it comes to contract manufacturing and product packaging. Our decades of experience and nationwide production contacts make Telmark uniquely poised to help you bring your product to market. 

We have our sales offices located in Red Bank, NJ, and Naples, FL.

We are a full turn-key service provider delivering formulation, batching, filling and packaging solutions.

All Inclusive Manufacturing & Fulfillment

One of the main reasons that brands choose Telmark over and over again is the simplicity of our process. We simplifiy the headache of working and controlling multiple different suppliers at different steps of the process. From formulation to packaging and fulfillment, we handle every step of the process to keep everything running smoothly and to give you the ultimate piece of mind.

Our product specialties include health products, beauty and personal care products, pharmaceuticals, pet products and more!

Not Ready To Take Your Product To Market?

If you don't have a product ready to package and take to market yet, then don't worry we can still help. Besides actual product formulation, we can also provide services to help you create sample packaging to secure funding for your products or to help get them onto shelves when your production run is actually complete. Telmark is your contract manufacturing and contract packaging partner.