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Telmark Packaging Company is the largest single supplier of unit-of-use sample packaging worldwide. 30 years of unrivaled experience in this space makes us the go to for all your product cample packaging needs.

There is no better way to test a product then getting small quantities out to target consumers in the early stages. Having something tangible to give to potential customers to get them talking about your product can be a great way to boost product awareness. 

Now it is more important than ever to make sure that your products stand out among the sea of competitors that you will have, so why not get your product out the grass roots way that has worked for 100 years.


We don't just help you choose a piece of packaging that your product easily fits and ships in. No, we help companies design packaging that stands out on the shelves. In a sea of crowded store shelves we work to create unqiue packaging solutions to make your products look unlike anything else on the shelf. 





Foil pouches are an inexpensive yet durable way to package small doses of your products into easily distributable packets. Foil pouches are also one of the easiest packing solutions to transferr over high detail graphics onto.

A wide array of items can be packaged into pouches. Liquids and semi-liquids with viscosities from water to toothpaste can be filled in ranges between 1ml - 4 fl. ozs. Foil pouches are also great for packaging powders, granular products, tablets, capsules, and soft gels, and spices & other food mixes!


UniTube packaging is the best of both worlds. It economically combines the best features of a foil pouch and a conventional squeeze tube. UniTube combines the barrier protection, graphics capabilities and low cost of a pouch with the directional-flow and ease of use of a standard piece of tube packaging.

UniTubes incorporates the SmarTear™ opening system. No more struggling to open the package. Simply twist and pull and the package opens easily every time.

UniTube can also be made using recycled materials for products that are looking to compete in the eco-concious market. Our PaperPack laminate takes advantage of technological breakthroughs bringing materials that are more environmentally friendly.



Fragrance vials have been a staple for sampling fine fragrances for decades. Recently, Fragrance Sprayers have been developed to provide the consumer with the complete application experience for spray colognes.

Telmark offers vials in sizes from 1ml to 2.5ml and sprayers in 1.5ml and 2ml sizes. The vial plugs and sprayer pumps can be produced in any major color and the containers silk-screen decorated with one primary color.

We have determined the best practice for many of these fragrance products is to include a card that is attached to each vial or prayer that highlights key information and branding about the product. We can help design and attach these cards to each unit of your product.


UD Dispensers provide excellent barrier protection, allow for pinpoint directional dispensing, are easy-to-open, look attractive and are extremely cost effective.

Made from .006” (6 mil.) high barrier plastic, these unique containers are compatible with most liquid products and provide a shelf life greater than many similar packages. These tube hybrids are available in package sizes from 0.25ml to 30ml (1 fluid ounce) and can be filled with products whose viscosity range from water to toothpaste.

UD dispenser packaging is available in clear or white plastic and can be decorated on both sides with eye-popping hot stamp imprinting to showcase your brand. The directional flow, and unique orifice-reduced seal makes our UD dispensers mess free!



Tube Strips are injection-molded in sets of five tubes. They are molded from a mix of flexible low-density and medium-density polyethylene. Several stock molds are available in sizes to hold 1.5ml, 3ml, 5ml, 10ml. We provide a variety of different printing options for our tube strips depending on your needs. The economical 1-color front/back tampo-print or even up to a 7-color label decoration. We carry a large inventory of tube blanks on location so we can print & label in-house, fill and secondary pack to ensure minimum lead times and maximum service quality.


Thermoforms are some of our most popular packaging solutions for customers. They are good looking, cost effective, easy to open, tamper-evident and can be utilized to hold one product or a regimen of several different products across different industtries. They provide an excellent medium for accurately replicating the shape of primary packages and greatly increasing product recognition by giving your products a unique shape.



Blow-Fill-Seal (BFS) is a unique process where the package is injection-molded and filled at the same time in the production process. The filling process is asceptic by design and even sterile, if required.

BFS packages incorporate easy opening twist-off-tops making them simple to use and especially senior-friendly. A variety of twist-off dispensing tips are available with orifice openings that are adjustable to accommodate most product types. BFS packages are inherently tamper-evident and packages can be filled in connected strips (for regimen applications, multi-dosage).

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